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Downsizing | Estate Clearing | Move Management

Downsizing is a tremendous opportunity to simplify your lifestyle and better focus on what matters. We offer more than downsizing; we specialize in rightsizing your space. Every person’s situation is unique; therefore, our services will be tailored and customized to your needs.

Our Services Include:

  • Customized plans to meet your needs for every phase of the project

  • Sorting, packing, overseeing your move, and fully unpacking for you.

  • Managing extra or unwanted assets that will not be going into your new space by selling them in an efficient online auction format or via donation as appropriate. 

  • Full estate clearing & content removal

  • Cleaning and preparing your home for sale (minor fixes, furniture staging, etc.). 

  • Space planning and transitioning you into your new home 

Estate Downsizing & Clearing: Services
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